KapOw! interpretation by Arne Heyman

8 Jul

In the early Batman films, KapOw! used to put fists to faces. Now it brings smiles to many faces because KapOw!’s first edition was a great success!
Deep in the belly of Ghent’s former industrial site some earlybirds began transforming the Ham’s public playground using nothing but a generator and some powertools. Ramps, verts, cirbs and even some skateable historical landmarks were built. Artwork going from designer skateboards and ditto furniture to a huge graffiti mural representing the Gravensteen and even a miniature redlight district, coloured the scene for the very first KapOw! Skate&Create festival.
With the sun at it’s highest point now, the crew was putting the finishing touch to the partyscene when all of the sudden some coolcats started showing up with their skateboards. They needed no introduction and started skating like there was no tomorrow. Some of the photographers didn’t know where to look first! Massive wallrides on the one side, big-air ollies on the other..
To spice it up we even had a guest appearance by the world’s best MC! Next thing you know there’s a highest ollie contest in which the winner almost beat the national record!
Lucky thing we had a LOT of Freedom Beer to cool down 😉

So much for the 4th of July, but it’s not over yet.. The 24th of July we’re bringing the cream of the crop (best photographs, artwork, ..) to an exhibition that will take place at the Kouter, also in Ghent. That’s when we’ll pick the winners of each category, so be there as well !! Special thanks to Alles Kan, Dakine, RedBull, Clepto, Zumiez, Wood and Montana for their promo’s, banners, goodies, financial and moral support and… till next year ?



2 Responses to “KapOw! interpretation by Arne Heyman”

  1. kapowow July 8, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    Fat arne!!!

  2. suzanne July 11, 2010 at 9:17 am #


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