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El Topo!

2 May

He’s so cute!


De Centrale

7 Apr

Here is where the ‘inside’ magic’s gonna happen on KapOw!


28 Mar

Als je nog geen logo ingezonden hebt (of gemaakt) tis de moment!!
Nog tot 2 april kan je hem opsturen naar
winnend logo verschijnt op deck (die je natuurlijk krijgt!) en krijgt DC trolly voor te reizen!!

KapOw! logo contest is oooon!

5 Mar

Winner got his logo on a limitid edition collaboration dack with 1st8 skateshop in Ghent en some nice DC shizzle!

More info on:


KaPOOOOOOOOOOW! 5 march on your television!

23 Feb

In this fifth episode of season 2 we ( = Cirque Belgique – a snow skate surf extravaganza) bring you
a full repo about the Belgian Wavesurf Championships 2010,
At Equilibrium, a snowboard teaser,
and a small report about the Kapow Skatevent from last summer.

First release
Saturday March 5th 18h00
EXQI Sport.


16 Feb

Last summer this docu scored  on the LA Skate Film festival – this summer on KapOw!!

Check the trailer:

Mark your agenda: 2 & 3 july !!

16 Feb

The first weekend of the big summer holiday will be KAPOOOOOW’D!

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