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KapOW! is next saterday!!!

24 Jun

We have a official website now: http://www.kapow.be so there you will find all the info you’ll need! It is in dutch so if you have questions, please sent to info@kapow.be
Cheers & c u all there!


KaPOOOOOOOOOOW! 5 march on your television!

23 Feb

In this fifth episode of season 2 we ( = Cirque Belgique – a snow skate surf extravaganza) bring you
a full repo about the Belgian Wavesurf Championships 2010,
At Equilibrium, a snowboard teaser,
and a small report about the Kapow Skatevent from last summer.

First release
Saturday March 5th 18h00
EXQI Sport.

Bring colors to the street!

4 Feb

Story of boxes! The art of TRASH

2 Feb

It’s light, cheap, easy to built (even in 3D) and it represents the consumption culture: unpack-use-throw away..

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How would you come to our event?

31 Jan

hangloose style?

Knock knock who’s there: it’s jon, the women expert!

13 Jan

nice sequence bro!

12 Jan